Welcome to The Feel Forum

Where community, collaboration and education meet. Courtesy of The Feel Institute.

About Us

It’s a manifestation that’s been brewing for a while.

A place away from social media algorithms.

Without the censorship and addictive, and often depressing, scrolling.

A private community space where people with shared interests can explore together.

Why You Should Join Us

When you join a course with The Feel Institute, you gain access to The Feel Forum.

In the Forum, you can:

  • Watch the live classes from the course again
  • Listen to the audio versions of the classes
  • Take part in discussion threads
  • Access journaling prompts
  • Explore links for more in-depth enquiries
  • Plus, some surprises.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all the brave and brilliant people I work with that make the pursuit of meaningful conversation and informed education possible.

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